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Yufeng Successfully Developed New Lithium Button Cell Seal Ring.

        In recent years, with the quick development of electronics industry and the electrical requirements of automobile industry, there is an urgent demand for a new generation lithium button cell with longer operation time.


        The discharge process of primary lithium button cell is a process in which Li ions migrate from negative electrode to positive electrode through electrolyte. In the use of common primary lithium button cells, with the migration of lithium ions, the capacity degradation caused by electrolyte loss and internal side-reactions is inevitable. Therefore, electrolyte plays a key role in extending the operation time of primary lithium button cells, then how to reduce the loss of electrolyte is an important topic for us.


        The permeability of seal ring material is also one of the key factors of electrolyte loss. Therefore, through our continuous experiments and demonstrations, our company has successfully developed a new type of primary lithium button cell seal ring material, which has greatly reduced the electrolyte loss under the high temperature aging simulation test. The experiment shows that the weight loss ratio of our CR2450 battery is less than 0.55% after 160days storage in a 60 ℃ test environment, reaching the advanced level in the battery industry.