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Test Center

Test Center


Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for RoHS Screening
Origin: Japan
To ascertain the type and content of the elements contained in our raw materials and products to ensure compliance with RoHS directives. In the test report, it includes various necessary information for RoHS directives, such as the test data, the standard deviation, spectrogram and the sample picture .
yfDMV-Battery Performance Auto Testing System
Origin: China
To test the life-span of our battery. According to the working mode of our clients’ products, we can conduct a simulative test under constant-resistance or constant-current discharge to check the work platform and the life-span of our battery. This system has computer control and can integrate the testing data and discharge curve together in the test report for your reference.
yfHigh&Low Temperature Testing Machine
Origin: China
To test the environmental adaptability, anti-leakage performance and weight loss of the battery. Temperature control scope: -20℃-120℃,precise temperature sensor system, digital display, reliable and stable.
yfElectronic Analysis Scale
Origin: China
Used in the process of battery assembly. The new-generation electromagnetic sensor, which has various applications, such as automatic failure inspection, external weight, automatic adjustment, overload protection, can guarantee the accuracy to reach 0.001 in measuring.