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Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment


Automatic Open Press
Origin: China
Used in the production of battery case. Adopt the “Dual Punching” to improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption.
yfInjection molding machine
Origin: Taiwan
It is applied to the production of battery fill caps, greatly improving the production efficiency and stability.
yfAutomatic Assembly Lines
Origin: Independently Developed
We have 10 technical patents for these most automatic assembly lines in china. And the high-efficiency and stability provide a reliable guarantee to satisfy our clients’ demands in quality and quantity.
yfCoin Cell Automatic Screening machine
Coin Cell Automatic Screening machine
Origin: Independently Developed To test the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current. Microcomputer controlled, this machine test the batteries in 3 steps :1.Test:Distinguish the defective batteries from the qualified ones) 2.Screen:The machine will suck up the defective batteries) 3.Re-check:There will be an alarm if the defective batteries didn’t pick up) . We can keep the miss detection rates within 30ppm.
yfDOMINO Inkjet Printer
Origin: UK
To print the production date in the battery case. It’s of great help for the product tracing and inventory management for our clients.